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eRehabData® is an inpatient rehabilitation outcomes system offered to inpatient rehabilitation providers by the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association. eRehabData® serves a complete online patient assessment system to assist inpatient rehabilitation facilities in their compliance with CMS' regulations under the IRF PPS, based on the IRF-PAI. eRehabData® offers comprehensive real time outcomes reports and maintenance free software. For more information about this service, please read our FAQ .

2020 IRF PPS Workshop

In our 2020 IRF PPS Workshop, you'll thoroughly review the inpatient rehabilitation facility prospective payment system, optimal coding of the IRF-PAI impairment group codes and section GG scores, Quality Indicators, and the significant number of new additions to the IRF-PAI for FY 2021. We will use case studies to practice IRF-PAI completion and ensure understanding of all items PPS coordinators must validate. And you'll get valuable information on using eRehabData Outcomes Reports to analyze your performance and improve your quality and reimbursement.

Click here for details and registration information.

September 17-18 Now online via Zoom!

The workshops will be presented by Lisa Werner of Fleming-AOD Consulting Services.

2017 IRF-PAI Coding Reference Guide

It's here! The 2017 edition of our popular IRF-PAI Coding Reference Guide offers information to help physicians document with greater specificity; PPS coordinators complete the IRF-PAI; and pre-admission screeners identify qualifying patient conditions. The guide includes common IGC/Dx combinations; top tiering comorbidities; top diagnoses; and top IGC/Dx 60% Rule exclusions (including late-breaking updates from the FY2018 IRF-PPS Proposed Rule), plus Coding Notes. It's an easy to carry, easy to use, durable pocket reference.

To order guides for your staff, download order instructions here.

Order your coding guides today!

If you are not using eRehabData and would like a demonstration of how we can help you operate more efficiently, please call us at (202) 588-1766 or click here for more information.

eRehabData® Clinical Training Webinars

The Clinical Webinar Series for 2019-2020 has concluded. To access previous webinars, login and go to Info/Links, then Clinical Training Webinars.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming 2020-2021 webinar schedule.

eRehabData®'s Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) Tool

The Fleming-AOD Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) Tool available through eRehabData® is a mature electronic screening form that has been refined with user collaboration. The PAS Tool is available for both online and offline completion, and includes an email notification system for use with mobile devices. It seamlessly integrates with the IRF-PAI in eRehabData® and informs the Referrals Outcomes reports.

The PAS Tool is designed to satisfy the requirements for pre-admission screening documentation outlined in the 2010 IRF-PPS Final Rule and in the 2010 revisions to the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual.

Patient Satisfaction Survey Scanning Service

If you are using the eRehabData Patient Satisfaction System and are looking for an easier way to get your completed survey data into the system, we can help! As a complement to our scannable survey forms, we are now offering a survey scanning service.

Simply collect and mail your completed scannable survey forms to the eRehabData offices and we will scan and upload the surveys, complete with patient comments, for you. Call us at (202) 588-1766 for more information.

eRehabData®: Personal service with intelligent results.

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